Team 619 Blog: Week of March 5-11

March 11th, 2016

Our team returned from the FRC District Competition in Haymarket, Virginia on March 6th (see the post-Haymarket post for more information) and, after taking Monday and Tuesday off for a well-deserved break, returned to work on Wednesday, beginning construction of climber prototypes and finishing up our practice chassis. The climber prototypes include a [REDACTED] although the final design still is in progress. The practice chassis is coming together well, and all that remains to be done is the mounting of our old shooter (a dual-flywheel system that was too short for our actual robot (it conflicted with the bumpers) but shares the same shooting profile and operation of the shooter on Genghis). After the shooter is mounted, we can begin to test vision-tracking code and auto-aiming code for our final robot. In addition, we are working on improving our manipulator arms (which we affectionately call Dink and Dank), by replacing them with Lexan (a sturdy polycarbonate) into a more smooth, curved shape that will be less likely to stick on defenses. Currently, the new Dink and Dank remain in the planning phase, with CAD models being drawn up, but we expect to finish them this weekend.