Team 619 Blog: Post-Haymarket Edition

March 11th, 2016

This past weekend, Team 619 participated in the FRC District Competition in Haymarket, Virginia! Our robot, Genghis, was selected for an alliance, and performed well despite technical difficulties, successfully breaching the outerworks multiple times in qualification matches. In quarterfinals, our robot proved to be a competitor, helping our eighth-seed alliance contest the first-seed alliance in two extremely close matches-during which we scored 107 points with our alliance, our highest score for the event. Our robot proved itself to be a versatile option for any alliance, successfully crossing defences in autonomous mode, nearly performing a single-handed breach, and both helping our allies by passing balls and hindering our opponents through defense.

A video of one of our quarterfinal events is linked below. Our alliance also consisted of Team 1111 and Team 1895.

Our robot was on the blue alliance, and is recognizable by its orange and blue leds and our number printed on the bumpers.