Our Robots


Built to compete in the 2015 FRC Challenge: Recycle Rush, Jenga is our latest robot.


Jenga’s drivetrain features two omni wheels in the front and two traction wheels in the back. Two VEXPro double-reduction gearboxes power one omni and one traction wheel each, with a single CIM per side.

Lift and Manipulator

We created the lift using a steel lead screw, powered by two CIMS. It has five pre-programmed set points that allow us to send it to different levels. Jenga’s manipulator is two flaps designed to fit over Recycle Rush’s totes and hook it’s cans. We can eject totes onto the step using pneumatics.


We programmed Jenga in Java. Jenga has two cameras and four ultrasonic sensors to allow it to complete multiple autonomous routines. We use Talon SRXs to control our motors.