Mock Kickoff

November 22nd, 2015

Today, we met at the lab and help a mock kickoff challenge! We focused heavily on strategy and design and helped test out new methods of exploring the early stages of the FRC season, all in six hours!

Here is the link the game animation. The only changes we made to the game were that seeding in qualifications was changed to a W-L-T system like we saw in 2014, and the starting position of balls during autonomous were less strict.

During our scoring analysis, we talked about the three ways to score points:

  1. Scoring a ball = 1 point
  2. Suspending your robot = 2 points
  3. Suspending a robot from another robot = 3 points

We also talked about way to play defense, such as blocking opponent’s shots or attempting to horde game pieces.

We discussed what mechanisms could be useful in this game, and then designed three robots: a defensive robot, an offensive ball scoring robot, and a robot that focused on elevating itself and its alliance partners.

After this initial design phase, we came to a preliminary strategy consensus: We wanted a robot that could play defense in the opponents’ zone, punting balls into our own zone, before suspending itself from our alliance’s tower.

After creating and sharing even more designs, we decided to call it a day and take a look at what other FRC teams ended up making in 2010.

Here are some of the videos we watched: